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Watcham Burglar Proofing has delivered great service and top quality products for
over 15 years.
We have gained countless experience as well as the
right tools and machinery specific to our trade. 
We offer you the
best service, products and installation. All of our staff are experienced and fully trained to ensure you are secure!
guarantee all our work for one year against faulty workmanship or 
manufacturing defects.
All of our products are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional.



Our competetive advantages


1) All our products are powder coated

Advantages of Powder Coating:

  Results in durable, chip and scratch free

  Rust and corrosion resistant.
  Exterior UV resistant powders used. 
  Easy to clean and longer lasting than paint
  An even, smooth and stronger coat as the  powder is electro statically applied in dust proof booths and baked to the steel.
  Colour doesn't fade, yellow or discolour over time.
  Professional and beautiful textured or  smooth finish.

Available in black, hammer black, hammer bronze, walnut, sepia brown, cream and white with a wide range of paint techniques that are applied on top of the powder coated base colour (gold, silver, green and antique brown).

Electrostatic application of powder

Baked at 200 C in our ovens

2) Our unique manufacturing innovations

  Watcham Burglar proofing innovative punch design. By using a 40 ton press and specially designed machine tooling, we punch square holes through a 5mm flat bar enabling the square vertical bars to pass through the horizontal flat bar. This process saves power whilst simultaneously increasing strength and resulting in a professional and clean machined finish.
  All our gates have a full cover plate aligning the gate and frame for fast locking in an emergency and effective protection against crowbar attack.
  All gates and burglar bars are fully framed, and gates lock into the steel frame.

  All gate frames are reinforced with a locking plate that strengthens the locking area.
  All gates and burglar bars are made to fit perfectly, even out of square! To compensate for skew reveals to ensures strength via a tight fit in the reveal and of course striking aesthetics.
  The design and small tolerances around the gates and bars give added structural strength to our products.


One of our 40 ton presses

20 x 20 punched holes

12 x 12mm punched hole

12 x 12mm punched holes

3) Our fantastic service

  Fast and efficient quotes and pricing.
    Immediate prices available on the web site or
    send in your requirements and we will quote you
    within 24 hours.

  We take exact measurements for the manu-
    facture once ordered.
  There is no need to meet a representative, you
    don't need to take time off work
, no pressurised
  Installation is guaranteed within 10 working days
    unless otherwise stated.
  Quick clean installation by our professional
  All products are measured for and are custom
    made to fit perfectly.

  One year guarantee against defective workman-
    ship, corrosion or lock and hinge failure.

Our office staff are standing by to help with administration, to schedule meetings and installations.

4) Our impeccable 15  year track record

  We are well established and have proven that
    we will always be there to honour our
and offer great after sales

  Watcham Burglar Proofing has over the years
    acquired all the right experience, tools,
and systems specific to our trade.
  Customer comments bear witness to our
to all aspects of customer service.
  Specialising in physical barriers ensures that  
    you get the best protection and benefit from
    15 years of security experience.
  Alliances with other major role players in the


To date and after numerous attempts we have not had any successful break-ins through our products.

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